Friday, 21 June 2013

WORLD WAR Z- “A Massive Warfare between the Humans and the Man eaters”

How do you define a World War in a Layman words ………… a global conflict between different nations of the world which results in a loss of various human lives fighting with each other. But what will happen if there emerges a global strife between the humans and the Zombies. So here is the next most anticipated movie of 2013 “WORLD WAR Z” which is based on the same notion. The movie plot is inspired by 2006 novel of the same name by Max Brooks.
The movie is directed by Marc Foster Oscar Winner for “MONSTER’S BALL” (2001) and “FINDING NEVERLAND” (2004).According to him this movie is partly based on the novel and most of it includes new ideas and storyline. He also explains to the media in an interview that how he tried to capture the spirit of the novel and at the same time created his own narrative for the movie.
The leading role is played by none other than the “Golden Boy” of the Hollywood Brad Pitt which is definitely a genuine excuse for the audience to watch the movie. 

The movie focuses on the story of Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) a retired Government employee who leaves his family and hovers around the World to find a cure to the virus which has infected the majority of population turning humans into live man eaters.
The movie has already released on 21 JUNE 2013 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D and liked by the most of the audience. However it is still ranked 59% on Rotten Tomatoes According to some people it is a modified version of “Resident Evil” and less entertaining but according to most of the viewers this movie deserves the place in the list of blockbusters of 2013.
I recommend you to watch it and frame your own review to see
“Whether there will be an apocalypse”
“Whether Garry Lane finds the cure”


Saturday, 15 June 2013

World War Z- High demolition level of cinematic work

As the new arrivals ‘Man of Steel’, This Is the End’ and ‘Pacific Rim’ are shaking our mother Earth this summer with their apocalyptic tentacles, here is the another high-enddevastating cinematic which is coming forth in the name of World War Z.  It is the action- apocalypse thriller which will unleash the threat to the extinction of human race and give rise to the Zombie Empire. This act forces government to imply the martial law on its citizens consequently.

Watch World War Z online to view Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) a government employee fighting with his family in this ‘Race against Time’. This is the situation when the whole humanity is at the verse of extinction and there is no hope left to survive, as the whole world is burning to the ground,thanks to the courtesy of zombies. At the hard time like this, Gerry emerges as a saviour who sets himself on a trip where he finds a cure to end the deadly Zombie-Viral.

World War Z is a novel Adaptation from Max Brook’s bestselling Zombie novels, showing almost the same interest in apocalypse sessions in which man eaters take the top league. High hopes on the Golden Boy of Hollywood (Brad Pitt), who surprised his fans suddenly at special advance screenings of the flick in Philadelphia. He is constantly making appearances in all the major countries to promote his high budget film.

 World War Z Download ,  in which Pitt does an impressive work in the section of tensed apocalyptic situation where he will do anything to save his family. The whole drama is focused to swing the human race at the verge of extinction. If you are a diehard fan of action, adventure and thrilling drama, then this is the movie which will keep you bound to the seats up to the end.
The movie is already got nominated for the Best Summer Blockbuster trailer of 2013. The countdown has begun as the movie is releasing on 20th June in Hong Kong and Australia and will mark the worldwide release on 21st June, 2013 in 79 countries.

So high hopes and cross fingers for this film that has gulped countless grands to make it up to the mark. It is quite anticipated, due to the involvement of a top-notch star casts like Brad Pit, fans have raised their hope to next level. Literally, huge expectations have built already towards the movie in regards of luring fans in theatres. 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

World War Z: Exploring Brad Pitt’s every attempt to promote the movie

The success of AMC’s The Walking Dead cleared the road for the revival of Zombie concept in Hollywood movies. Brad Pitt’s latest production movie World War Z although started on the path of production with some other zombpocalyptic thrillers such as Resident Evil 5, Warm Bodies, Zombies Vs Robots but was delayed by the unexpected difficulties, postponing its release in June 20, 2013 this summer.

Continuously busy in gaining the attraction of the audience all over the world, Brad Pitt is screening his most awaited zombie film in the important locations of the Earth. His attempt is supported by his soon to be wife Angelina Jolie as she is almost seen with him at every event. Watch World War Z to view the movie that is acquiring a lot of promotional efforts to generate the curiosity of the people.

Angelina Jolie made her first public appearance at the London premiere after she had a preventive double mastectomy. She succeeded in stealing the spotlight from her fiancé with her black dress and demure smile.

Recently the fans were surprised by the unpredicted visit of Brad to Australia for the movie screening and surprisingly it was his first trip to the country with his nine-year-old son Pax. He found his visiting experience to be fantastic as he admired the country more than what he saw on TV. However the ponytail-clad hunk was not sure when he would be able to plan his next longer trip in future.

Similarly the star made unannounced appearances in other countries too. Notably he reached the theatres in Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Georgia and gave a shock to his fans that had no idea about his visit. He signed autographed for fans along with posing for the photos with them.

The three-time Oscar nominee star wants his hard efforts that he made for the movie to be fruitful in which he portrays the role of Gerry Lane, an ordinary man from United States who set himself on a journey to find the cure for a fast spreading virus in order to save the humanity.

World War Z Download  for which Brad is trying to turn every stone upside down to grab the healthy publicity for his film. Based on an adaptation from the book by Max Brooks, the movie is displaying signs to be huge hit of this summer. The movie even promises to bring director Mac Forster among the reputed Hollywood personalities by fetching huge box-office earnings and positive feedback from the critics and fans.